187 Regional Employer Nomination Visa Refused – Providing Misleading Information

Usually if you were found to have provided misleading information – you’re gone. But here in this case, this guy succeeded in making the appeal


  • Guy is a priest from Greece
  • When he applied for 187 visa in 2015, he ticked “no” in the box “Have you been charged with any offence or have any proceedings against you overseas or in Australia.”
  • He got ongoing fraud charges in Greece
  • said he’s not aware of these charges
  • said these charges because someone is buying stuff using his passport which was stolen in 2010

Public Interest Criterion 4020

  • no bogus docs or misleading info
  • can be waived if compelling and compassionate circumstances – but no waiver in  identity requirement
  • innocent and accidental mistake is not misleading
  • incorrect information but given innocently is also not false and misleading


  • appeal successful


  • always honest and careful in filling out forms
  • have documents to back up answers given to the Department

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