Bridging Visa E cancellation and application

Bridging Visa E or BVE (subclass 050 and 051) is one of the most undesirable bridging visas one can hope to receive. The reason is simple, if you left Australia on a Bridging Visa C, D or E AND you left after the expiration of 28-day period, you may be subject to a three year ban on reentering Australia – unless in rare case where the Minister accepts that compelling and compassionate circumstances exist.

Well, it is always best to avoid BVE altogether if you can find a different pathway. However, for some people, BVE can be a life saver – especially if you are being held in detention after a long period of staying in Australia illegally after your visa was refused or cancelled.

So imagine you are in detention planning to go to the Federal Circuit Court after your visa was refused by the Department and the AAT has confirmed the refusal decision.

A Bridging Visa E can take you out of detention. Note that if you are in detention, you are required to inform the detention review officer who must work with the Department to finalise your application within two (2) days in most circumstances.

Before applying for this visa, do a background check on your visa history first and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you ever hold a BVE that has been cancelled because of suspections or investigations of criminal conducts or criminal convictions?
  2. Are you currently in immigration clearance? For example, your documents are being reviewed shortly after arriving at the airport.
  3. Have you ever been convicted of a serious crime overseas or in Australia?

If your answer is yes for any of the above questions, then you may not be eligible to obtain a BVE.

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